M/s. CONFRA INDUSTRIAL SERVICES (Hereafter: IS) is a very young company started by NIKHIL S. KOTHARI in year 2012 with aim to excel in mechanical construction in the country. We at CIS believe that any company coming into existence is because of the demand of market and its growth and we dream to be a part of the growth in this market segment with our own ideas and knowledge.

Our company will deal with complete mechanical construction and errection will provide solutions. We believe in total dedication at work with safety norms. We do what we promise without compromise on QUALITY and we make sure that we deliver the work in TIME.

At CIS every individual is aware of their responsibility and has done research in market for the benefit of our client as well as customer. We strictly believe in 3 words which make us different from the crowd and those three words are SAFETY, QUALITY & COMMITMENT WITH IN TIME and we make sure that this is followed every single time we involve our self in any of our business affairs or deals.

The major reason for birth of this company was the demand in market. We have done research in market and found that only 50% of the demand is being fulfilled despite availability and the reason for that is awareness and trust. We have molded every person at CIS to provide the solution for all the needs of market with total dedication.


Director, CIS A MECHANICAL engineer with more than 15 years of work experience in management, human resources, and customer relations.
for business and landed up back in India to prove his ability and started a proprietorship firm named “PERFECT DECORS” and later started as new company with Nikhil S. Kothari.

He started his career
  • As structural construction engineer at L&T (RIL) Jamnagar.
  • As structural construction engineer at Simplex (Tata power) Kutch.
  • As structural construction engineer at HMEL Bhatinda refinery.
  • As structural construction engineer at L&T power Punjab.