Quality Policy

“We at „CIS‟ are dedicated to endow with services, which correspond to our customer’s expectations and to improve them from time to suit their changing needs. This implies that each of us in our roles will work to eradicate non- conformities in all the enclosed areas.

It will be our continuous endeavor to involve, educate and encourage the entire workforce to get the precise quality at the optimum cost to meet the ultimate objectives of customer satisfaction.

The quality services at CIS will be persistently monitored and enhanced to ensure secure operational conditions and curtail adverse impact on environment.”

Safety Policy

Our key strategic objective is the achievement of "zero harm". Site Foremen and management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behavior and discouraging negative behavior. Site Foremen apply a policy of zero tolerance to noncompliance with safety standards.

The company undergoes regular Safety Audits. Cases of occupational and non occupational disease are referred to external facilities. No pre-employment testing for HIV is undertaken and all HIV testing and counseling is undertaken voluntarily. Employees who are HIV positive are encouraged to participate in the wellness programmes available through various local clinics.

We at a CIS gives first priority to safety as we value manpower and we en sure that the best safety procedures are followed on site always as the construction and erection activities are best known for its hazardousness. Unlike the manufacturing or process industry this industry has the higher rates of accidents and hazards recorded so far and so we always make sure that the work Carried out are under precise safety measures and regulations.

We at CIS makes sure that each and every work personal from the top to the lower segment are educated about the health and safety rules and regulations. W e never allow any sick person or disabled person to be in sites they may unintentionally become a prey of hazard. And we always train all our operators to follow the right way of using any machinery, equipment or tools because major hazard sharpens due to negligence and wrong knowledge of machinery.

We at CIS believe in SAFETY FIRST and provide the necessary protective equipments and consumable to our work force and create a safe work environment for them by pre inspection of the site our qualified safety officers.

We have planned a health and safety rules and regulations booklet for all our work force and we make sure that they follow this and adhere to the rules in that ensuring proper safety at workplace. We also educate the contractors to give priority to safety standards.